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Climate tech in Africa is hard. Very hard.

It's also greatly needed.

That’s why it’s so incredibly meaningful- and fun- to build.

Build solutions together

Holocene is an early-stage climate tech investor across energy, e-mobility, food & ag in Southern and Eastern Africa.

We not only invest financial capital but also roll up our sleeves to own major business work streams, allowing technical founders to build the best product for their customers.

Even after climate tech businesses gain traction, they still face an uphill battle. Holocene serves as the expert consultant ensuring successful climate tech reaches maximum impact. 


Highway to series A for climate tech

Holocene serves as the confident commercial co-builder ensuring early-stage climate tech startups gain traction while providing hard-earned expert advice to ensure laterstage businesses scale successfully.


Bootstrap to seed

Investing to ensure inspiring climate tech gains traction.

We invest financial & human capital across co-building services focused on strategy, sales, fundraising, hiring, culture & more.

Sectors: Energy, e-mobility, and agrifoodtech startups

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Series A and beyond

Advising to help successful

climate tech scale.

We provide expert consulting to optimise capital structures, make critical senior hires, solidify culture and define scaling strategy.

Sectors: Sector agnostic; climate-positive ventures

We are


100% climate

We’re focused 100% on climate- because it’s our passion, not because it’s a trend or where the money is flowing today.​


Virtuous flywheel

We create a flywheel of talent, support and connections by investing, building and creating community, and we’ve proven our ability to do all three.


Early birds

We build and invest in very early, pre-seed and seed stage companies when most investors say they are “not quite ready” for investment-which is why we invest financial and human capital to get you ready for the rest.


Global networks, local boots

Our team has unparalleled experience on the continent. We have helped build and operate dozens of companies across Africa, Asia, North America and Europe, which gives us boots on-the-ground experience bolstered by an extensive global perspective and network.



Any of our portfolio companies will tell you that your experience with us will be about you. Our approach is bespoke, active, and personally connected. We determine what your company needs, make a plan, then roll up our sleeves to build with you.


Positivity = possibility

We are approaching the climate problem from a positive, solutions and adventure-oriented standpoint. We solve problems best from a place of positivity and possibility- not fear and scarcity.

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