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Amazing entrepreneurs

We’re proud to work with the passionate entrepreneurs sculpting the African climate landscape.

Holocene portfolio




Refueling with petrol sucks. Charging electric fleets “as a Service."


What they do

Empowering electric vehicle fleet operators by managing their entire charging infrastructure and energy needs.


Holocene testimonial


"Zimi owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Holocene’s acceleration program. Their unwavering support across crucial initiatives, notably fundraising, has been a gamechanger.


The team’s diligence and thoroughness in understanding our startup’s vision and needs have truly impressed us. Their profound founder focus sets them apart, as they grasp the intricacies of the startup journey and the African landscape.


Holocene’s commitment to our success reaffirms their position as an invaluable ally on our startup’s path to meaningful climate impact."



Bringing wild African meats to the world - without killing the provider.


What they do

Biotechnology company focused on creating Africa’s first cultivated (wild) meat cell lines and products.


Holocene testimonial


“We have been part of two other accelerators, but this was different due to the Africa-centric and deep-dive approach that is very personalised. The business approach and business processes right from the start was very valuable.” 

Mazi Mobility

Mazi Mobility

Two-wheeler electric bikes meet F1 pit stops.


What they do

Providing electric bikes to fleets and drivers, and backing that up with the necessary infrastructure to  ensure that they never run out of battery.

Holocene testimonial


“Competent team, people that have worked in investment and startups, and can really unlock value for you as an early stage company. They also introduced me to a mentor that became my fractional - CTO."



Fighting crop-diseases through satellite intelligence.


What they do

Providing smallholder farmers with quality inputs and finance through satellite and AI assessments

Holocene testimonial


"We decided to join to establish ourselves more into the African startup ecosystem… What they are doing much differently, and much better, is providing hands-on support that is very relevant to our startup, and this is speaking from experience having been through 9 programs before working with them."

Integrated aerial systems

Integrated Aerial Systems

Surgical precision crop spraying.


What they do

Multi-industry drone operator with strong agriculture focus, helping farmers map their farms, reduce their input, and minimise unnecessary risks.

Revolute systems

Revolute Systems

Soil. Plant. Fruit. One platform - all your farming data.


What they do

Farm management system that provides commercial farmers with all the data they need to increase yields, reduce costs, and better manage their operations.

african clean energy

African Clean Energy

Intelligent stoves powered by the sun.


What they do

600 million Africans still don’t have access to electricity; 1 million Africans die each year from indoor air pollution. ACE provides a cookstove that is not only clean, but also powers a household's most essential electric devices.

Holocene portfolio
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