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Who we are

We are outdoor enthusiasts building African climate solutions.


Our team is composed of mission driven, experienced individuals that have been focused on Africa climate tech across operating, investing & acceleration.


We are “boots on the ground” business builders, active investors and community creators driven to protect what we love– and help others do the same.

Our culture

Our team of action, in action.


From pre-work “rise and shine” runs, to brainstorm beers on the beach, to tackling ultramarathons together, our mission lies at the heart of both what we do, and how we do it.

Our people

We believe you can love nature and put your mind to work.


You can have a PhD and go dirtbag in the woods. You can rock at your day job and free dive into stillness. Our people have fun, do good, and thrive in beautiful spaces.

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Our virtues

What you do is who you are.


We live our mission and strive to walk our talk every day. If you want to know how we work- and whether you might vibe with our tribe- our virtues are where to start.

Eyes of the entrepreneur

  • We see the world through the lens of opportunity & empathy.

  • We embody grit, resilience, optimism and growth in all we do.

  • We respect, walk and build with those who have chosen the entrepreneurial path.

  • We advise entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs.

Candid & connected

  • Open, honest, and thoughtful communication is fundamental to our success as an organization.

  • We don’t shy away from tough conversations.

  • The underlying intent of our feedback is positive. We give feedback to support each others' development and drive our organization to be the best it can be.

  • We take the time to connect through our interactions, big and small.

The art of backpacking

  • We’re creative in how we use our resources and can go further with less.

  • We’re pragmatic, action and solutions-oriented, knowing that every journey begins with a single step.

  • We are thoughtful about setting the course and providing the essential tools to make the journey fulfilling and successful.

  • We strive to make an impact while leaving no trace.

Front of the wave

  • We are creatives. We think differently. We invent the future.

  • We hold ourselves, our work and our team to high standards- “B” is not an option.

  • We’re not afraid to take on the big swell and get stoked by riding it our own way.

  • We set an example for others to emulate. 

Life lived wild

  • Rewilding drives our heads and our hearts.

  • We dedicate time to connecting with our environment, our portfolio and our community through exploration and adventure.

  • We help others experience the natural world to grow their appreciation of our planet and commitment to positive change.

Protect what you love

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