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Holocene Ventures Fund

Africa can’t be ignored in the fight against climate change. 


Africa's population is expected to reach 2.4 billion by 2050.  Its also home to 50% of the planet’s total arable land and renewable energy potential with 70% of its cities yet to be built. Where others see crisis, Holocene sees social and economic opportunity. 

Holocene is a community of outdoor enthusiasts building inspiring climate solutions in Africa. Its boots-on-the-ground team is dedicated to unlocking scale, impact & job creation across the continent through innovative climate investment. 

Holocene Ventures Fund is a $2M angel investment vehicle managed by Holocene. It will invest $100,000 of cash and $100,000 of services into 6-12 of Africa’s leading early-stage climate tech startups while creating a platform for experienced, mission aligned, entrepreneurially minded investors to create climate impact while seeking venture capital returns.

Transforming the African climate landscape

Holocene Ventures has a vision for a sustainable continent with a focus on Southern Africa.


We create that inspiring future by investing the cash and services necessary to build it from the ground up. These are some of our investment theses.

Bolstering grid resilience

Southern Africa has a grid. It needs to be rebuilt to be more reliable and sustainable. That will happen through residential solar, C&I and the software that makes it all possible. We can be the world’s model for distributed energy. 

Tracking carbon footprints for exports

New regulations in Europe will force African exports to quantify their environmental expense. Business intelligence software will be critical allowing companies to grow sales while moving towards carbon neutrality. 

B2B cost savings

Fleets, corporates and other B2Bs can save money and be climate positive by adopting electric vehicles and energy efficiency while buying back their environmental expenses via Africa-centric carbon marketplaces.

South Africa venture capital

We don't just invest- we build

Early-stage African climate tech requires financial & human capital to achieve impact.


HVF invests $100,000 of cash & $100,000 of services at $1 - 4M post-money valuations for 5-12% stakes in inspiring bootstrap to pre-seed startups.


We create a path to Series A. 

HVF’s innovative fund model creates unique value for investors: 

  • Buying & earning $2.5M of equity on $2M of AUM net of business building expenses

  • Designing for exits by selling our minority investment to Series A leads 

  • Partnering with grant and debt providers to increase leverage on our equity

  • Bringing institutional professionalism to the African early stage investing sector

  • Cultivating an international community of technically skilled climate enthusiasts

Africa's climate tech experts

Our team has degrees and certifications from the world’s top institutions combined with extensive international and African operating and investing experience, differentiating Holocene as the most experienced pure climate tech team in Africa.


This is our life’s work.

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Our investors

We’re in it to prove that you can solve hard problems with viable, scalable, financially viable startup solutions.


We’re in it to build the best future for our children. We’re in it show the world Africa is the most innovative continent. 

Our mission aligned, climate curious investors join HVF for the following reasons:

  • Access to a curated African climate tech pipeline with full diligence from Holocene.

  • Expert business building & portfolio support for investments. 

  • Buy and earn equity to increase investment while providing expert resources. 

  • Diversified portfolio of 6 - 12 actively managed angel investments. 

  • Ability to work with startups in an efficient manner by serving as an expert 

  • Access to the growing Holocene community including inspiring, fun events 

  • Opportunity to learn alongside a curated network of angel investors with quarterly knowledge sharing sessions, annual retreats and lots of insightful discussions. 

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