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The African climate tech wave is coming.
Grab a board...

…but not just any board. We are different. We are climate only.

We get in early. We are active investors. We provide 100% bespoke advice.

We roll up our sleeves to get the work done with you.

Early Stage Innovators

We pick the right wave

Early Stage Innovators


Africa’s energy system will soon look different. It will be clean, efficient and decentralised. Leapfrogging legacy centralised grid systems, tapping our continent’s abundance of natural energy, skipping past arduous retrofits, and providing first-time electricity access to over 600 million Africans.

Early Stage Innovators


With more than 50% of arable land attributed to the continent, Africa will play a massive role in feeding future generations. Agriculture and climate is in a seemingly never-ending vicious cycle. Unsustainable farming and food practices are warming up the planet, and a warming planet with erratic weather is complicating farming and reducing yields. For Africa to be the food basket for future generations both commercial and small holder farms will need to implement solutions to reduce inputs, increase yield, adapt to climate changes, and heal their soils.

Early Stage Innovators


Significant technological advancements have taken place in the sector over the last 10 years. Africa is a continent ripe for electric vehicle (EV) adoption, specifically in the productive-use asset space. EVs as a technology has the potential signficantly reduce total cost of ownership, for both low income operators (BodaBodas) and massive corporate fleets, which creates a clear incentive for accelerated adoption.

Early Stage Innovators


We are always exploring other interesting climate-positive pathways. Our macrothesis is focused on climate innovations tied to Africa’s urban population growth that is expected to double by 2050. Numerous untapped opportunities exist, with green buildings and conservation demonstrating the potential as interesting future prospects.

Early Stage Innovators

We find skilled (and stoked) surfers

We back early stage startups when they need support most.


We are looking for founders with earned insights that are mission obsessed, curious about navigating their industry’s labyrinth, and have the ability to build and sell an MVP to an well-defined ideal customer. We want our founders to show us, rather than tell us.


Execution is everything!

Multiple founders

Building startups is one of the most difficult things you can do.  Having accomplices through the thrills and tribulations are invaluable to keep you going (and sane).

Industry experience

The classic teenager building successful companies is overhyped. It can happen, but there is a huge survivorship bias. We’d rather back founders that have thought about– and ideally lived- the problem deeply.

Sales and technical

To launch a successful startup you need to do two things: 1.) build a solution and 2.) sell a solution. If your company can’t do both of those, it’s going to be an even bumpier road.

Cultural alignment

We’ve found that our favourite founders have a love for climate and nature, are coachable, can clearly distill their thoughts in writing, and embody our Holocene cultural virtues. The better we vibe, the stronger we build.

A solid

You can have all of the stoke and tons of experience, but if the equipment you’re using is broken you’ll miss the big swell.


We've found that these aspects of your business maximize your chances of being “front of the wave” with us.

Early Stage Innovators

Low burn (capital efficient), with several months of runway so we can focus on building-not fundraising- from day one

Early Stage Innovators

Extensive customer and market discovery. We like industry historians that understand all of the in's and out's of the industry and know deeply the people whose problem they are trying to solve

Early Stage Innovators

A B2B customer base is easier and usually more impactful in climate. If you’re selling to an individual, you better be sure they can pay and that there is enough of them (or that someone can pay for them)!

Early Stage Innovators

Companies that can execute. We are looking for significant traction as a ratio to time spent on the problem. In order of priority, we assess traction as follows: Paying Customers, Engaged Customers, Interested Leads, Product Maturity, Idea Maturity.

Early Stage Innovators

Coaching and capital to catch the big one

Early stage business building comes with its uncertainties.


In line with industry best practices, we believe a Convertible Note is the best way to ensure equitable alignment– without having to rely on a crystal ball.

Our Convertible Note agreements include the following terms:


An investment of $25,000-$50,000 in cash and a whole lot of bespoke business building services.

We also bring access to partnerships with grant providers, revenue based financiers, debt investors and follow-on equity via angel and institutional networks. 

Equity stake

We use a simple convertible note template with a valuation cap leading to a 3-10% stake in the startup. 

Pricing is as unique as your startup. We'll do the work necessary to ensure our business building efforts match the stage of your business & compensation.

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