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Inspiring climate solutions
for our incredible epoch

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We're always looking for ways- big and small- for anyone to get involved.

See what we've got lined up next- then simply sign up and pitch up!  If you're keen to learn something interesting, make a new connection, challenge yourself and get inspired, then you've come to the right place.

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Creating a New Future of Energy in Southern Africa

Thursday, 8 Feb 2024

An opportunity exists to rebuild our energy landscape to be better, cleaner and more equitable- and we're uniquely positioned to do just this in Southern Africa. 


Join Holocene and UK Innovate for an engaging discussion with innovators leading the charge across public, private, corporate and startups to explore the opportunities they see in the fields of energy storage, virtual power plants, energy wheeling, demand management and EV integration.

coming up

We're always looking for ways- big and small- for anyone to get involved.

See what we've got lined up next- then simply sign up and pitch up!  If you're keen to learn something interesting, make a new connection, challenge yourself and get inspired, then you've come to the right place.

Creating Climate Impact and VC Returns poster- speakers_ Community_2024.03.14.png

Creating Climate Impact and VC Returns
14 March 2024

The need for climate tech solutions in Africa is clear and the potential impact is massive- but can climate investing produce financial returns?

Join us in a conversation about how entrepreneurs, investors and human capital providers can work together building and supporting the right waves of climate tech startups that can not only have impact, but also deliver ROI.

This is an invite-only event. Please reach out if you think this event would be right for you.

We had a jol with you

We've had some incredible times with amazing people- and we're excited for more!

Sign up for an event or join our community list to solve hard problems in beautiful places, together.

Innovative Finance Associate

Holocene is seeking an experienced, curious and eager individual to work directly alongside our CEO & Venture Principal to build an awesome climate tech pipeline, assist in diligence, support investments and work directly with our portfolio via business building efforts. 

Innovative Finance

Our Innovative Finance Associate will have an opportunity to learn from 30+ years of investment banking, startup and accelerator insights to build Africa’s leading early-stage climate tech portfolio. This is a rare chance to create scalable climate impact while honing your technical skills in a fast-paced, innovative environment. 

Working on the investment and post-investment support verticals will provide an opportunity to utilise creative financial techniques to drive scale. You’ll create immense value for startups by serving as a strategic partner on new market expansion, strategic partnerships, acquisitions, equity funding and tons of other super geeky and incredibly fun initiatives. Best of all - you’ll be focused on accelerating the growth and impact of African climate tech. Sprinkle in a few trail runs in epic places with rad people. Sound like fun?! 

The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of formal financial training - investment banking, CPA/CA, CFA charter, project finance, debt investing, corporate finance, M&A, etc. They will be stoked to take the next step in their investment and business building career by working alongside an experienced team. They’ll thrive on solving complex, quantitative, fun, technical puzzles within a startup environment. A proven track record of successfully executing initiatives is a must. A deep curiosity and want to learn are par for the course. The outcome will be unparalleled experience and direct climate impact. 

If you’re keen to put your extensive technical skills to use as part of a fun, outdoor loving, mission driven startup team then this is the role for you. 

Position details

Position: Innovative Finance Associate

Hours: Full time position subject to 6-month probationary period 

Reporting: Reports directly to Venture Principal

Fixed Salary: R45,000 - 65,000 gross per month

Equity: Available upon achievement of milestones

Location: Ability to work from Stellenbosch and Cape Town on a weekly basis

Start date: 1 May 2024 or sooner


Pipeline building

​Attend demo days, get out to conferences, do desktop research, and help Holocene find the best early-stage climate tech startups in Africa. Generally be stoked to get-out-of-the-building to help us locate Africa’s best early-stage entrepreneurs. 


Investment screening

Review incoming investment applications in accordance with internal investment scorecards and criteria. Marry investment insights with on-the-ground experiences to create a blend of book knowledge and real world insights.  


Investment due diligence

​Support Venture Principals with market research, financial analysis, scrutinising business model, testing pricing, competitive analysis, customer calls & testimonials, and getting to the merits of a good investment opportunity.  

Portfolio company support

​Assist portfolio companies with their financial and fundraising needs, a significant component of this will be financial modelling and reviewing financial management accounts. Experience modelling debt and complex capital structures is a big positive. 

Ecosystem development

Cultivate and support an extensive network of investors and business relationships, proactively identifying areas where Holocene can bring substantial value to the African climate tech landscape.

Qualifications and experience

  • Passion or curiosity about climate, entrepreneurship and startups in Africa.

  • Bachelor’s degree in quantitative-focused subjects (Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Mathematics, etc.).

  • Advanced degree: MBA, CPA/CA, or CFA highly regarded as it demonstrates hard work, curiosity and the ability to grind when needed. 

  • 3+ years of financial training in areas such as investment banking, private investment, project finance, debt structuring, M&A, corporate finance or development finance with transactional experience. 

  • Passion to prepare and evaluate financial models and investor presentations, specifically debt-type models including: working capital, project finance, off-balance sheet SPVs, term loans, carbon agreements, etc. 

  • Stoke to transition technical skills to an industry with significant meaning. 


Skills requirements

  • Exceptional financial modelling and quantitative analysis abilities

  • Strong researcher with a talent for synchronising large quantities of data into clear insights and usable concepts

  • Outstanding project management skills including task prioritisation, attention to detail, timeliness of execution, and proactivity

  • Self starter with the focus and drive to fully own tasks with a high level of independence

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal

  • Comfort with ambiguity and a high level of resourcefulness to glean insights and recommendations given imperfect information

The Holocene is our home

It offers the perfect conditions for life to flourish.


However, human progress has come at a cost to our wild spaces and the species living with us.


Solutions are possible. We’re going to hike, sweat, brainstorm and re-wild ourselves into them. Creativity is the cousin of fun.


We’re a tribe of curious, problem solving, super active nature lovers building in the spaces we love.

We’ll solve this challenge one outdoor adventure at a time.

background Holocene Table mountain.jpg

Welcome to Holocene

We are a team of nature enthusiasts building incredible African climate solutions.


Our aim is to positively impact climate in Africa by focusing on two things: cultivating a local community of talented, passionate climate enthusiasts and building and investing in African climate tech ventures.

By bringing together individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations with the right inspiration, experience and support, we can solve the challenging problems that will lead the African climate tech journey.

background Holocene camp site.jpg


Inspiring. Learning.

Meeting your tribe.

Having tons of fun.

  • Outdoor activities

  • Inspiring speakers

  • Experiential workshops


Climate Community

background Holocene elephants.jpg


Awesome partners bring projects for solutions & impact.

  • Conservationists

  • Universities

  • Ecotourism

  • Content creation


Early Stage

Grow climate solutions by investing human & financial capital

  • Energy

  • E-Mobility

  • Food Tech

  • Agri Tech


Climate Ventures

background Holocene camps bay.jpg

Later Stage

Ensure scaling climate tech startups make the most of their success.

  • Strategy 

  • Fundraising

  • Hiring

  • Culture

  • Storytelling 



A rockstar entrepreneurial community

The best way to do the hard thing is to take the first step, and make it fun.

We create curated, impactful experiences where awesome people work on inspiring projects in beautiful settings– all with a little fun, sweat and healthy competition mixed in.

Entrepreneurial journey through community

Being an entrepreneur is a big risk. We demystify and de-risk the journey by offering five tiers of programs. For some, they provide a step-by-step path towards a successful startup. For others, they provide a fun, inspiring way to grow a new mindset.


Community event


Learn something new, meet someone interesting, be inspired


Entrepreneur Fireside Chat; Fail Night; How They Built It


None at all. Join, listen, learn, eat free cookies.




Learn a new skill and immediately put it to work within a safe, fun setting.


Pitch Please; Storytelling 101; The Future is Female.


Just a little bit. Give it a try.




Go deep into a new skill while working with a passionate, diverse team.


How to Make it Stick; Entrepreneurial Mindset; More Than a Logo.


Rolling up your sleeves and putting in effort. Nothing to lose.


Cohort incubation


Cross the chasm to starting a business. Learn world class techniques alongside a group of entrepreneurs at a similar stage of the journey.


Countdown; ResNova; Makers Landing.


Reduced risk through community and mentorship.


Investment & bespoke incubation


Engines go! Gain investment and grow your startup with dedicated, tailored, 1:1 support with experienced, mission aligned co-builders.


Ignite, ClimateLab, Holocene.


The journey has begun!

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Building solutions together

Climate tech in Africa is hard. Very hard. That’s also why it’s so fun to build.

Holocene is an early-stage climate tech investor across energy, e-mobility, food & agri in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Highway to series A for climate tech

Holocene serves as a confident commercial co-builder ensuring early-stage climate tech startups gain traction while providing hard-earned expert advice to help later stage businesses scale successfully.

background Holocene rocks.jpg

Bootstrap to seed

We ensure inspiring climate tech gains traction.

We invest financial & human capital across co-building services focused on strategy, sales, fundraising, hiring, culture & more.

Sectors: Energy, e-mobility, and agrifoodtech startups

background Holocene waterfall.jpg

Series A and beyond

We help successful

climate tech scale.

We provide expert consulting to optimise capital structures, make critical senior hires, solidify culture and define scaling strategy.

Sectors: Sector agnostic; climate-positive ventures

Enjoy the ride

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a lonely road. At Holocene, we make the journey more fun, inspiring and insightful by growing a community of like-minded, supportive individuals that, collectively, will change the world.


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